Expert urges FG to implement National Protein-led nutrition policy

Dr. Adepeju Adeniran, Co-founder and National Chairperson of the Nigerian Chapter of Women in Global Health
The Federal Government has been called upon to urgently develop and implement a national protein-led nutrition policy to address and curtail the rising incidence of protein deficiency in Nigeria.
Dr. Adepeju Adeniran, a professional physician and an experienced public health expert, who made this call recently, noted that efforts to effectively tackle protein deficiency must include household food improvement, enhanced protein availability, protein affordability and multi-sectoral planning.

Adeniran, who is also the co-founder and national chairperson of the Nigerian chapter of Women in Global Health, tasked the government to prioritise the availability and affordability of protein-rich foods in the country.
Speaking on the nutritional requirements of the average individual, she stated that carbohydrates, proteins, healthy oils and minerals all have their place in healthy diet compositions, but proteins are nearly always neglected.
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Release Date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2020