IVF TREATMENT: Debunk the mystery, reduce the misery

Since the birth of the world’s first, In-vitro Fertilisation, IVF, baby, over five million babies have been born. In Nigeria alone, the number of babies conceived through IVF is over 5,000 and still growing.
But many Nigerian couples who have benefited from Assisted Reproductive Technique, ART, don’t disclose that they underwent fertility treatment.
In fact, they regard telling people that their babies were courtesy of IVF as one of the greatest taboos.
Unconfirmed reports showed that only a few of these lucky beneficiaries showcase their babies. Why the secrecy?   Several instances abound.
Deception by some IVF beneficiaries
There is the case of a couple that is regarded as role model to a large gathering of people. The couple underwent ART procedures, conceived and gave birth to quadruplets after several years of childlessness but did not disclose this to anyone.
Rather, the couple claimed to everyone that the babies were born as a result of what they described as a ‘divine miracle’ without explaining the details.
A Lagos socialite had similar experience after 10 years of childlessness. When asked if he and his wife had undergone IVF, he denied but only said they followed ‘medical advice’. No details of the medical advice were given. In truth, the couple had undergone IVF to have quintuplets.
According to medical records, is a rare for humans to conceive naturally and give birth to five babies at once. However, it is more common for twins and less commonly, triplets to be conceived naturally.
The failure of beneficiaries of IVF and other ART procedures to acknowledge or to testify publicly is denying others from also benefiting.
Why are people not disclosing the truth about the process of conception which health watchers say would help millions of other Nigerian couples going through agony of childlessness?
What is the big deal anyway?
Every birth is considered a miracle whether it is natural or assisted, the only difference being the process of conception.
The natural conception occurs in the bedroom while the IVF conception, or other Assisted Reproductive Technique, ART, conception takes place in the laboratory.
Kudos to families that have showcased their babies!

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Release Date: 
Sunday, January 22, 2017