Nigeria Pushes for Companionship in Labour to Improve Maternal Health Services

"My husband was with me in the delivery room during the birth of our second child. His presence made the labour pain tolerable. It gave me a sense of calm as it had a psychological and emotional effect on me," says Mrs Taliah Chukwuma, a businesswoman.
"We were fortunate that the hospital where I delivered allowed spouses or relatives to be present in delivery rooms. We had been looking forward to the experience," Mrs Chukwuma, one of the Nigerian women who have benefitted from the companionship in labour programme supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) adds.
WHO, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) using the Nigeria Maternal and Perinatal Database for Quality, Equity and Dignity (MPD-4-QED) programme supported by MSD for Mothers, has been encouraging hospitals to allow expectant mothers to have the option of choosing a companion, spouse or relative to be present in the delivery room.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2021